Charlotte Premier Soccer League : Referee Information

CPSL Referee Information

(Please print this page and carry it with you for reference and to show to teams in case of a controversy).

Assignor – Eric Johnson  (ewjassignor at gmail dot com)

CPSL uses only USSF certified referee who are currently registered with NCSRA and Risk Management approved.  

Referee = $70 
Assistant Referee = $50  

Referees are assigned matches Sunday or Monday prior to the match day. If there are assessments scheduled actual assignments can change so it is important to confirm any assignment prior to leaving for the first assigned match. All assignments are made through



Prior to the start of the match, the referee must check all player passes and obtain an official, printed copy of the team roster. This must be the roster produced by the state office and not a homemade version! No player pass? No play! Return the player passes to the team manager or coach. If a player arrives after kick-off, the closest AR must inspect that player's player pass and return the player's pass to the team at the next opportunity.

The referee should start each match on time. This can be quite a challenge at times especially if a team is trying to wait for someone. We offer a 15 minute grace period – but this is only used to allow teams to get the minimum number of players to avoid a forfeit, not to allow them to get to 11 players. You will need to start the check-in process at least 15 minutes prior to start time to accomplish this – the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get the match started on time. Please do not just start your watch at the scheduled match time. If however 1 or both teams are unresponsive to your request to check players and are stalling, and you have attempted to check them in 15 minutes prior to match time, you can tell them that you will start your watch within 5 minutes if they are still not ready. This warning will usually get them going – it is suggested that you do this only as a last resort and the match is running 5–10 minutes late.  

CPSL League Rules: 
With the exception of the substitution rules CPSL follows FIFA Laws of the game.  

Substitutions follow USSF unlimited substitution procedure -- with the permission of the referee:   

  • Substituting team's throw-in
  • Any team's goal kick, after a goal, at the half, and injury stoppage

     CPSL requires teams to have numbers on their jerseys and each team should have an alternate jersey to avoid a conflict with colors. If the teams have like colored jerseys, the home team is required to change.  

Team benches should share the same side of the field with spectators occupying the opposite side of the field. The Senior Assistant Referee is assigned the team touch line.  

CPSL supports the referees and looks to provide the very best officials. CPSL requires referees to act in a professional manner at all times. The Board of Directors and the Discipline Committee work hard to assure a safe and competitive environment for the players and officials. All serious incidents, referee abuse or assault, and Red Card Send-offs must be reported on both the ArbiterSports online Match Report and the CPSL online Match Report, and the appropriate USSF Supplemental Report within 24 hours.   

We need you help in making this a fun and safe league. We typically will use youth assistant referees and the referee should protect them from verbal abuse. Please pay special attention to this and help us develop these young referees for the future.  

CPSL Match Report Procedure:
Laws of the Game: Law V clearly lists the Duties of the Referee and those duties include the filing of a timely match report which becomes the legal record of that soccer match. Failure to file a timely match report or reports as required will result in the loss of any future CPSL assignments. 

A minimum of two online match reports are required of the referee for each CPSL match:   

  1. The ArbiterSports Online Match Report
    (If there has been any serious player injury, or abuse or assault on the referee, the appropriate USSF Supplemental Report is required and the link is in the Forms section of the ArbiterSports Online Match Report. Do not use this Red Card Supplemental Report form; use the form linked below)  
  2. The CPSL Online Match Report
    Please be aware this report should be complete and accurate and is automatically sent to the League and to the assignor. Full instructions are available at:
  3. The CPSL/NCSRA Red Card Supplemental Report
    If you have issued a Red Card and sent off a player or bench personnel, use this form. If you have issued more than one Red Card, use one form for each player or coach. Do not use the USSF Red Card Supplemental Report form located in the ArbiterSports Match Report.

Referees are encouraged to print off and bring with them a paper copy of the USSF Match Report form and bring it with them to each match that they are assigned as referees. This report should be filled out and signed at the end of the match and checked for accuracy and completeness. The referee should keep this paper report for his or her personal records.